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Transmittance in molded plastic parts
02-04-2014, 11:14 AM
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RE: Transmittance in molded plastic parts
Yeah sure, sorry.


In the image the red arrow is pointing towards the thin wall section. Its actually the entire vertical length of that section and the blue arrow is pointing to a "thumb tab" type area that has a very thick wall and transmittance isn't as much of an issue.

I had a good thermal image of the thin wall section with my fingers behind it and you could see the outline of my fingers through the part to show the issue but I am unable to locate it at this moment.

Eventually, when I have enough data to start the build I will not be imaging inside of the machine with all of it's IR unfriendly elements of low emissivity metals and reflections from hundreds of different heat sources. I will have the part removal robot place the parts in an area where i can control the environment. Inside of this environment I can design for issues like emissivity and reflections but the transmittance is a harder issue. I had also originally envisioned a system where the accuracy of the temp reading was important but not necessarily critical. The planned system was looking for temp differences and overall trends that could identify to a technician that a problem was forming. The end users have asked for a program that could be used on several different machines. Being able to match actual temps becomes much more important when this functionality is included.

I've reached out to Flir to get a quote on a filter for HDPE but as I move on I expect to encounter many different polymers with varying infrared properties and having a game plan in place for how to deal with this during the R&D phase would be helpful.
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