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Transmittance in molded plastic parts
02-17-2014, 01:51 PM
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RE: Transmittance in molded plastic parts
(02-16-2014 04:56 PM)ArikB Wrote:  Great info RDanjoux. Thanks.

I was trying to make some sense of the HDPE graphs detailing the absorption rates but unfortunately another major project at work has shown up and I've had to put this one on hold for a little while. Our PM scheduling program at work was found to vulnerable to several other depts. reporting inputs and as a result I've had to focus on completing baseline inspections on all our machines. This presents another great IR application but that's for another thread.

What effect would a filter specific to HDPE have with the A315? I've been told of an application with plastic film manufacturing where the plastic was almost invisible to the IR camera due to it's transmissivity but when a filter was used the camera could image the film. I'm asking this question because I'm not entirely sure I am grasping what a filter would be filtering out of an image to correct for transmissive materials.

Hi ArikB,

Raphael's post really says that the A315 is not the most appropriate camera to use. The A315 is a LW camera, you will get better results with a MW.

When you use the correct filter, you a would be filtering out the part of the spectrum where the material is transmissive, and the camera will only see the part of the spectrum where the absorption is high, therefore the transmission will be low and the emissivity will be high.

I have to say, that what you are trying to do is difficult, and I would recommend that you do a level 2 course if you have not already done so.
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