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Heat and Air Flow
03-22-2018, 08:59 AM
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Heat and Air Flow
Hello Everyone, my name is Dan and I am a Mechanical Engineer for an appliance company here in the USA. We have been looking at thermal imaging for a while to solve some technical problems that we are having. Currently we have no practical experience with these sorts of cameras, just a basic understanding of how they operate and their capabilities.
Specifically, we are interested in understanding how air flows around our appliances due to the fans. We would like to correlate visual airflow with thermocouple temperatures to better understand how to cool the appliances.
I am interested in feedback from anyone on this forum that has used thermal imaging cameras to solve technical problems like this.
Is it possible to inject CO2 (or any other type of gas) into the fan air stream to visually see the air flow in the appliances? is there a better gas or means to achieve this?
Is it possible with computer software to probe the visual gas streams to understand the gas velocity? Basically, set up the camera and capture the gas motion, and then use computer software to probe the speed of the gas at specific locations on the appliance. We would then take the actual gas velocity and local temperatures and determine what the required velocity needs to be to achieve the target temperatures.
Any help or direction would be appreciated
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05-02-2018, 07:50 AM
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RE: Heat and Air Flow
It's been over a month since this was posted. I replied at the time via private message, but did not get a response. In the interests of helping the community, here's part of my response, with additions.

There are several ways to visualize airflow in your situation. They do not need to be as complicated as injecting CO2 or another gas. Some will use an IR camera to enhance the results by providing temperature data. Others can be independent of the IR camera.

I am a registered professional engineer in NY and have been doing IR as an independent since 1/99 and before that in industry. I also do FEA and CFD based analysis, especially as it relates to heat transfer analysis. The combination of IR and FEA/CFD can greatly enhance the approach to the types of problem you outline.

I'd be glad to have a preliminary discussion with you to see if my experience matches at least some of your needs, which I think it does.

Jack Kleinfeld, P.E.
Kleinfeld Technical Services, Inc.
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06-07-2018, 08:38 AM
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RE: Heat and Air Flow
An infrared camera is a non-contact device that detects infrared energy and converts it into an electronic signal, which is then processed to produce a thermal image on a video monitor and perform temperature calculations.
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