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Neoprene emissivity
05-10-2019, 11:58 AM
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Neoprene emissivity
I am trying to measure the surface temperature of neoprene. Does anyone know what the emissivity of that would be? Does it vary if it is wet? Rubber emissivity ranges varied from 0.95-0.97 and elastomer was listed as 0.9. I am trying to measure temperature of someone wearing a black wetsuit while they are dry and also after they are wet.

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05-11-2019, 08:37 AM
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RE: Neoprene emissivity
If the wet neoprene has a film of water on it, then you are likely dealing with the emissivity of the water, not the neoprene, in that case.

Depending on the accuracy you need, you may need to measure the emissivity of the various cases as specifically perceived by your IR camera. The emissivity is likely to be wavelength dependent and that makes it camera dependent. There are a couple of field methods for doing this, as is usually taught in a Level 1 class.

However, you can calculate the impact on the measured temperature of a variation in the emissivity around the values you anticipate and see if the potential error in T is sufficient to be of concern.


Jack Kleinfeld, P.E.
Kleinfeld Technical Services, Inc.
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