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About 12 μm detector of IRay Technology-Advantages & disadvantages
06-06-2019, 04:56 AM
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About 12 μm detector of IRay Technology-Advantages & disadvantages
In March 2018, at the IWA2018 exhibition in Nuremberg, Germany, I saw the IRay[font=宋体]s[/font] 12[font=宋体] [/font]μm 640, 384 detector. After a year of contact with IRay, I successfully tried the latest 12 μm[font=宋体] [/font]outdoor thermal monocular in the previous period. That’s[font=宋体] really[/font] a super product , as far as I know there are some advantages with a 12μm[font=宋体] detector for[/font] thermal monocular comparing to 17μm . [/font]
I did some tests with monocular with 12[font=宋体]
μm detector plus a 25mm lens and the other one17μm detector plus a 35mm lens which is [font=宋体]amazing,t[/font]he observe distance is the same! And [font=宋体]w[/font]hen they both use the 25mm lens, the observe distance of 17um detector is [font=宋体]over [/font]30% more than the 17 μm detector .[/font]
The material used for the 12 μm detector is VOx which has significant advantages than a-Si. NETD is less than 40mK, 14-bit digital output[font=宋体] is supported
.[font=宋体]H[/font]igh sensitivity and easy to use[font=宋体],it keeps the primary competitive advantages of IRay products. [/font]Currently IRay 12 micron 1280×1024[font=宋体],[/font] 640×512, 384×288, and 256×192 full range detectors have been in mass production. The following is a specific[font=宋体] d[/font]e[font=宋体]scription [/font]of the 12-micron detectors.[/font]

Resolution 1280×1024,12 μm[font=宋体]

1. Super large FPA ,XGA high resolution detector;[/font]
2. Frame rate up to 60Hz ;
3. Typical power consumption is less than 350mW;
4. NETD < 40mK (@f/1.0, 30Hz, 300K);
5.14-bit digital output.
6. Supporting [font=宋体]d
etector Evaluation Kit (can be customized)[/font]

Resolution 640×512/384×288
1. Available with ceramic or wafer level (WLP) packages;
2. 14-bit digital output;
3. Frame rate up to 60Hz
4. Under typical working conditions, the power consumption of 640 and 384 array products is less than 150mW and 100mW respectively;
5. NETD≤40mK (@f/1.0, 50Hz, 300K);
6. Support for TEC-less and shutter-less applications.
7. Supporting [font=宋体]d
etector Evaluation Kit (can be customized)[/font]

Resolution 256×192

1. 14-bit digital output;
2. Wafer level packaging (WLP);
3. Provide a standard I2C interface;
4. Support 5V/1.8V standard voltage and support MCU-based application solutions;
5. Under typical operating conditions, the power consumption is less than 60mW.
6. Supporting [font=宋体]d
etector Evaluation Kit (can be customized)[/font]

So products with 12μm[font=宋体]
detectors have advantages in size,weight,power consumption etc. [/font]
I heard that IRay will bring more 12 μm products to[font=宋体] Laser-world of Photonics 2019
exhibition[font=宋体] in M[/font]ü[font=宋体]nchen,Germany[/font]. If you have more information about [font=宋体]them[/font], please leave a message[font=宋体].[/font][font=宋体][/font]
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