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Will staring at a hot, non-moving object affect part of the sensor over time?
04-24-2020, 12:23 PM
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Will staring at a hot, non-moving object affect part of the sensor over time?
I've got a machine that needs to do a qualitative comparison between a fixed reference object of known temperature (high emissivity, high thermal conductivity, heater and RTD attached) and an object under test that will be temporarily moved into the frame. My hope is that while I can't trust the sensor to have sufficient accuracy to make quantitative absolute measurements, I do expect it to have sufficient resolution to compare the relative measurements on each side of the sensor.

I'm concerned that leaving the hot (50C) object constantly in the frame at the same location might eventually heat up and cause drift in that part of the sensor, making it less useful for comparison between the two sides. The other half of the image will typically be ambient/20C, except when a small 49-51C object is moved into that part of the frame temporarily.

Do I need to add a physical, external shutter to my machine to cover the heat source when not in the process of taking a calibration image? Will the built-in non-uniformity correction feature solve this problem? Would the answer be different on some of our other processes which have higher temperature (100-150C) requirements?

I'm using a Flir A35 sensor.

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